Brown Water Coming from Pipes

The last thing you want to see from your home’s plumbing system is brown water flowing from the pipes. If you ever lived in an older home, you may remember the days of letting the water run for a second in order to clear it out. However, you should never be forced to let your water run, boil it, or do anything else of its kind. Gifford Anderson Plumbing wants to assist you with Sonoma County plumbing services and educate you as to exactly what’s going on with your home’s plumbing and the brown water.

Why is the Water Brown?

There are a few different reasons as to why your water might be brown. The most common cause is, you recently had the pipes replaced or the pipes sustained some sort of damage. The water turns brown because of rust within the pipes becoming dislodged.

Is the Brown Water Dangerous?

The short answer to this question is no. The water isn’t dangerous in any way. If you let the water run and clear out, you’ll get to the clear water. If this switch in water pressure broke some rust free, the water should be back to normal. Generally speaking, the rust comes from too much iron, which occurs naturally in the soil around your plumbing. Of course, you shouldn’t drink the brown water, but it isn’t dangerous.

The bigger issue is that rust in your water may mean there is a leak. It also increases the chance of bacteria developing in the water, which in turn will cause other problems. Plus, rust will corrode the rest of the pipes, which can lead to further problems. That’s why you should think about calling for plumbing services.

Removing the Brown Water

If you see brown water, leave your cold tap on for 20 minutes or so. If the brown water continues it means it’s likely coming from the city, so give the city a call and tell them about the situation. You may also need to bring in a professional plumber for their assistance.

If you are seeing brown water coming from the plumbing system of your home, it is important to take proper action. If this includes Sonoma County plumbing services, Gifford Anderson Plumbing is a top service provider in the area and ready to assist. So, make sure to pick up your phone and give the team of plumbing professionals a call at your earliest convenience.

Posted on January 5, 2018 in Blog, Plumbing Service

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