I got a notice from the city that my water usage has gone up


The first thing to do when you get a notice is check all faucets and toilets. A running toilet can increase your usage substantially. They run constantly and you are most likely not aware of it. Turn off the angle stop and the bottom left side of each toilet and check your meter at the street to see if it is still spinning.

Second most common problem is a leak in the irrigation system. Turn off the shut off to the irrigation and check meter to see if it is still spinning.

Thirdly the water main between the city meter and the house could be leaking. To isolate this problem turn off the main water to the house and check the city meter to see if it is still spinning. If the meter is still spinning this indicates that the water main is leaking underground and needs to be repaired or replaced by a qualified plumber.

Repair of a water main is dependent on the type of material of the existing water main. Any of these issues, leaking toilets or faucets, irrigation leaks, or water main leaks can be taken care of by a quailed plumber.

Posted on August 27, 2015 in Before You Call A Pumber

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