Plumbers in Sonoma County

Every home and business finds themselves in a situation in which they need a plumber. These occurrences are often stressful, and it is very important that you contact a plumber that is experienced and cordial in their dealings. Gifford Anderson Plumbing is a Sonoma County area plumber with a wealth of experience and skill to…

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Your Local Sonoma County Plumbing Company

When looking for a local Sonoma County plumbing company, surely your hairs stand on end. Your mind pictures ridiculously high fees for unfamiliar services performed. But you would rather pay anything asked of you than have to go to the local Home Depot and rent one of those drain snakes and try to do it…

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How to Choose a Respected Santa Rosa Plumber

Usually when you need a plumber, you need one right then, and there is no time to shop around for the best you can find. When you have a burst pipe leaking, time matters and you need a quality Santa Rosa plumber right now.


I got a notice from the city that my water usage has gone up

The first thing to do when you get a notice is check all faucets and toilets. A running toilet can increase your usage substantially. They run constantly and you are most likely not aware of it. Turn off the angle stop and the bottom left side of each toilet and check your meter at the…

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