Santa Rosa Plumbing Tips – 3 Tips Your Pipes Will Appreciate

Your plumbing goes through a considerable amount of stress. Day in and day out, the plumbing sends hot and cold water throughout your house. It transports waste and it deals with often extreme water pressure. The best way to keep your plumbing in Santa Rosa up and running each and every day is to follow these three easy suggestions from the team at Gifford Anderson Plumbing.

  • Check for Leaks

Now, you don’t need to start pulling out drywall in order to search every inch of plumbing in the house. However, it is a good idea to occasionally go over the plumbing you can see, just to check. Additionally, it is highly recommended to bring in a Santa Rosa plumbing contractor annually just to make a complete inspection of the plumbing. This way, minor issues can be identified and corrected before it turns into a much more serious issue.

  • Insulate Your Pipes

Adding insulation around your pipes provides several different benefits. For starters, insulated pipes maintain the water temperature, so you’ll spend less on heating the water. It also helps prevent leaks due to shifting temperatures within the house (especially during the winter months, if you are gone). It will also help prevent the pipes from freezing during the winter, which will help you avoid water bursts and other problems.

  • Drain the Water Heater

From time to time, it is a good idea to drain the water heater. If you have a tankless water heater you can avoid this as the water won’t sit in the tank for long.

However, water inside of a traditional tank will often remain inside for long periods of time. This can lead to a buildup of minerals within the tank, reducing the efficiency of the water tank. By draining the water heater you can help prevent this build-up while also cleaning it. This will help improve the overall quality of water that comes out of the hot water tank.

Get Quality Plumbing in Santa Rosa Today

No matter the kind of home you live in, how long you’ve owned it or the age of the plumbing, by following through with these top three practices, you’ll extend the life of the plumbing while cutting down on your need for a professional plumber. Should you ever find yourself in need of plumbing in Santa Rosa though, make sure to contact our team at Gifford Anderson Plumbing.

Posted on December 20, 2017 in Blog, Plumbing Service

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