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Some DIY plumbing projects are more fun when you just dive in and start doing them. Plumbing is not one of them. Although learning how to fix leaks can save a lot of money in the end, DIY plumbing can quickly turn disastrous.

Here are some important things that you need to know to avoid disaster with Sonoma County plumbing projects:

Know Where Your Shut-Off Valves Are

Before you start working on any plumbing project, such as tightening the toilet seat or fixing a leak, you need to know where your shut-off valves are. Most valves can be found in the basement. If you are not sure what a certain valve controls, you should shut it and start flushing toilets or turning on faucets.

It is important that you know where the main shutoff is. Usually, it is where the water line enters your house.

Understand Your House

Before you start any project, you should understand how your plumbing system works as a whole. Some research will help you to grasp the basic plumbing concepts; i.e., how big your drain line should be as well as the function of vent pipes. Try to figure out which walls have pipes and where the main waste pipe exits the house.

Buy a Complete Toolbox

It is better to have more tools than you need before starting a project. Nothing can be more frustrating than getting halfway through a project and realizing that you do not have a certain tool. Before you start, make sure that you have your complete toolbox close by.

Learn to Sweat Copper Pipe

This skill is the basis of plumbing today. Just visit your local hardware store for a small torch, solder, a few copper pipe pieces and flux.

Practice sweating copper pipe by:

  1. Cleaning the copper
  2. Adding flux
  3. Heating the joint
  4. Applying solder to finish

This skill will come in handy for adding valves and other small fixes.

When looking for Sonoma County plumbing experts, you should contact Gifford Anderson Plumbing Inc. – a quality company that serves Sonoma County residents – at 707-527-6007.

Posted on September 22, 2016 in Articles

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