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Qualities to Look for When Needing Santa Rosa Plumbing Inspections & Service

Hiring someone to work on your plumbing system in your home can be very stressful. You want to not only hire someone who knows what they’re doing, but also someone that you would feel safe to have in your house, who is trustworthy, affordable, and going to get the job done in a decent amount…

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Santa Rosa Plumbing Facts You Need to Know

Inadequate knowledge about plumbing system can lead you to take bad decisions. This can be harmful and costly in the long term. Knowing the right things about plumbing can keep your plumbing systems and surroundings clean, healthy, and well-functioning. Here are some facts about plumbing that you need to know.

Common Misconceptions and Myths About Plumbing in Santa Rosa

We hear some crazy things about plumbing whenever we’re called out to handle Santa Rosa plumbing inspections, repairs, or installations.  There are a lot of “old wives’ tales” and other myths circulating about plumbing, and the sad news is that most of them are simply not true.  At best, they don’t actually help, and at…

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