Santa Rosa Home Plumbing: 4 Tips Your Pipes Will Appreciate

Even the smallest leak, when left unattended, has the potential to flood your home and destroy your furniture and other belongings. Let’s not forget the bill you will have to pay up to repair extensive plumbing damage resulting from the leak. Most Santa Rosa plumbing issues can be easily avoided if you follow a few precautionary measures and carry out diligent maintenance.

Listed below are a few good practices, your pipes will definitely appreciate:

  1. Check for any leaks – Even a small or tiny leak can become unmanageable if not looked into immediately. Therefore, it is prudent that you inspect all exterior walls, garages, unheated basements, and crawl spaces, and other areas that lack insulation.

Lack of insulation leaves pipes vulnerable to the elements, due to which they tend to crack easily and start leaking. Regular inspection by a certified Santa Rosa plumbing contractor will help you scoop out trouble areas. The plumber will also be able to give you an overview of how to maintain and prepare your pipes for the winter.

  1. Drain and insulate – It is essential to insulate and drain every outdoor faucet and pipe before winter sets in. When water is trapped in these exterior pipes, it will freeze and expand and as result burst, crack, or break. When you secure exterior pipes, it will help you secure the exterior pipes and assist you in avoiding extensive damage as well as high-cost plumbing repairs.
  2. Waterproof the trouble areas – Vent fans, doorways, and windows must regularly be inspected to ensure that the seals are tight. In the event that you find a loose seal, immediately fix it up with caulking in order to avert your Santa Rosa Plumbing from freezing. Also repair any cracked windows without delay, as it can cause your plumbing to freeze and result in costly repairs.
  3. Insulate any exposed pipes – Instead of sealing off all the airflow that enters your house, which will trigger mold growth; check if the plumbing is properly insulated. Insulating your plumbing is easy and inexpensive and will assist the heater in retaining heat and thereby will reduce your energy bills dramatically. Any vulnerable or exposed pipes running near electrical sources should be insulated by using electrical heating tape – wrap this tape around every pipe.

Follow the above-mentioned practices religiously, and you will be assured that you will face minimum plumbing problems throughout the year. If, despite all your precautionary measures, your plumbing springs a leak, simply contact Gifford Anderson Plumbing, Inc. at 707-527-6007. Our reliable plumbers will be at your doorstep in no time and fix the leak!

Posted on July 15, 2017 in Santa Rosa Plumbing

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