Why Clients Choose Gifford Anderson Plumbing as the Specialist for Affordable Plumbing in Santa Rosa

Finding immediate, affordable plumbing in Santa Rosa is easy with Gifford Anderson Plumbing, Inc. This company has served the Santa Rosa area for over 35 years with outstanding residential, commercial, and industrial plumbing expertise.

Industrial and Commercial Services

Installing plumbing lines for residential and commercial buildings is only part of the service. Commercial and industrial plumbing includes:

  • Installing and maintaining boilers and water heaters
  • Drain line installation and maintenance
  • Sewer drains and cleaning
  • Backflow prevention
  • Leak detection and repairs to water mains

These are a few of the services necessary to keep commercial buildings operating correctly. Lines leading to the sewer system need to be inspected frequently in many older buildings.

Tenant improvements are often necessary for apartment and office buildings. This can involve updating kitchens and bathrooms or checking swimming pool plumbing.

Residential Services

A plumber is needed for all new construction for homes, condominiums, and apartment communities. The plumbing contractor works with the building contractor to keep all plumbing in compliance with codes.

Kitchen remodels often require extensive new plumbing for sinks and appliances. This can involve changing out old plumbing pipes and lines for newer pipes. Water lines must be clean and free of contaminates.

Adding a sink or washbasin to the laundry room is also a common part of kitchen remodeling projects. A new water heater, including the tankless on-demand models, should be installed by an experienced plumber.

Bathroom remodels often include a new shower, tub, toilet and sinks. This requires new plumbing fixtures and the likely replacement of old plumbing lines.

Clogged drains and broken pipes usually require immediate service to prevent water loss and possible flooding. Broken sewer lines must be repaired immediately.

Gifford Anderson Plumbing offers professional and affordable plumbing in Santa Rosa with emergency services when necessary. Contact us online or call 707-527-6007 for information and service.

Posted on November 30, 2016 in Blog

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