Why You Should Use a Santa Rosa Plumbing Contractor Instead of a Handyman

Santa Rosa plumbing contractors are a perfect way to fix a problem you may have in your kitchen, bathroom, or even the sprinkler system over that of a local handyman. Sure, you might have used a handyman in the past, but what’s the difference between a plumbing contractor and a handyman? Today, we will go over the differences and let you be the judge.

Differences between Plumbing Contractors and Handymen

Just because you’re a handyman doesn’t mean you’re a plumber. Looking at a comparison of a plumbing contractor and a handyman, we can see the following:

  • Bid Prices: Plumbing contractors are typically upfront when giving you an estimate based on the job that’s to be done. These contractors have inventory on hand and have years of experience to give the right estimate. A handyman can give you a guess, but don’t be surprised if it costs more later.
  • Reliability & References: When it comes to a plumbing contractor, you want someone who is reliable and has good references. When a company gives you a time that they will show up, they should be there at that time, as they know that time is money. Handymen can be unreliable when it comes to being on time.
  • Licensed, Bonded, and Insured: When you are dealing with a plumbing contractor, you want to make sure this company is insured so that if there is an accident at your property, you don’t have to worry. Handymen, on the other hand, might not carry insurance.
  • Written Guarantee: Santa Rosa plumbing contractors will have an agreement and guarantee between you and them in case something happens or needs to be fixed. With a handyman, a lot of the time a verbal agreement is made; and after the job is done, you might never hear from them again.


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Posted on May 16, 2016 in Articles

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