Choosing a Plumbing Service Can Be Tricky

When shopping for a Santa Rosa plumbing service, you’ve got plenty of choices. In fact, for a city with a population of just about 175,000, a Google query for “Santa Rosa plumbing service” returns more than 1.2 million results.

There’s obviously no shortage of plumbers here in this fine city. Finding the best, most qualified yet still affordable plumbing service can be tough. Here are some things to consider:

Plumbing Jobs Can Be Tricky

Unless you’re dealing with a standard installation or maintenance job, it’s not easy for a plumber to give an accurate price quote over the phone. Without actually seeing what’s involved in a repair job first-hand, it’s too hard to tell what the charges will be.

A drain clog is a good example. The clog may be very near the drain and easy to reach or it could be the result of hard-water scale buildup or even a tree root impinging on a sewer line. Each of these require different solutions and will vary in cost.

If a plumber you’re considering is quick to give a price quote over the phone for a job he hasn’t seen, this may be a red flag.

Choose a Quality Plumbing Service

You can ask friends or neighbors for a plumber recommendation or ask a quality service provider who’s previously done work for you. Chances are he may know a good plumber.

  • Check any referrals you get online for the company’s background and time in business and then read some reviews.
  • Check out their BBB rating.
  • Make sure they’re fully licensed for the type of work you require.
  • Confirm that they have the necessary insurance coverage to protect both you and your neighbors’ properties.

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Posted on December 12, 2016 in Plumbing Service

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