How to Choose a Sonoma County Plumbing Company for Your Job

Because there are dozens of Sonoma County plumbing companies, finding the right one may seem like a daunting task, and homeowners are wise to be wary. Still, the most reputable Sonoma County plumbing companies stand out in various ways. These are four indicators of a quality plumbing company.

They show up on time – It may seem like a trifling matter, but timeliness is an excellent indicator of overall professionalism. If the employees of a Sonoma County plumbing company are too busy to meet with you before they have your deposit, how likely is it that they will do so afterward? Insist upon timeliness or move on to another contractor.

They honor their estimates – The experience of a contractor truly tells when it comes to providing an estimate. There are multiple factors – most unseen by the average homeowner – that come into play. Experienced plumbers have already seen and dealt with most or all of the potential problems that can arise in any situation and will account for them in their estimate.

They have their paperwork – The State of California requires plumbing companies to be licensed, certified and bonded. Ask for their documentation when they give you the estimate, and accept nothing less than immediate full compliance if you expect a quality job.

They provide local references – No amount of sales talk can replace the security of hearing from previously satisfied customers, especially if it comes from one of your neighbors. All reputable plumbing companies will have references readily available and be happy to provide them to you. Remember to call and confirm the references rather than taking them at face value.

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Posted on December 15, 2016 in Plumbing Service

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