How to Choose a Respected Santa Rosa Plumber

Usually when you need a plumber, you need one right then, and there is no time to shop around for the best you can find. When you have a burst pipe leaking, time matters and you need a quality Santa Rosa plumber right now.

The best bet then is to shop around when you don’t need one, to find one you can call when there is an emergency.

Most Santa Rosa plumbers are licensed and bonded, so you need to at least make sure they have met those minimal requirements. Beyond that you need a plumber who has a solid reputation. It is a good idea to ask your friends and neighbors who they use, or who they have used, to get an idea of who might be good.

Finding a plumber who has been around awhile is also a good idea. A plumber should have a website, so check out the ones you have heard about from your friends and neighbors when they have needed a Santa Rosa plumber.

Another good way to check out plumbers is to read reviews of their company online. There are many websites where people may post reviews. Be aware someone may have an ax to grind, or a competitor could post a negative review. Don’t let one bad one scare you, but don’t believe one good one either. Whether most reviews are positive or negative should be a good sign of the quality of customer service that is offered.

Once you have checked out the basics, asked your friends, and read reviews, you will have an idea of who the best plumbers in the area are and will know who to call when you need one when something starts leaking.

Give us a call at Gifford Anderson Plumbing at (707) 527-6007, because we do the job right the first time, have years of expert experience, and we take customer service very seriously. We also do plumbing work when there is no emergency, so call us for all your plumbing needs when remodeling or doing general maintenance or repairs on your home or business.

Posted on March 24, 2016 in Articles

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